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In the rapidly evolving telecoms environment, all players must be prepared for the challenges brought by constant change. Our consultants offer an expert perspective on the issues that confront the telecoms industry.

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July The case for private LTE networks
June Reaching the unreachable: deploying fibre optic cables in the last mile
November Affordability of Internet access in the Pacific 2015
September International bandwidth for New Zealand: are we finally getting a new fibre link?
July Unlocking the “lock-in” RAB regulation
April Pulling the plug on electricity price regulation
February Crossing lines: how much information should monopolies disclose?
January The Smartgrid: powering socio-economic growth
January Gigatown: New Zealand towns race to a fibre future
December LTE vs ARPU – data takes over
June 2013 Pacific Island mobile tariffs update
March Affordability of mobile services hampered by quasi-monopolies in the Pacific
February International bandwidth for New Zealand: the future without an alternative fibre link
January The world of convergence – services, devices, networks and sectors
December Trans-Tasman mobile data wars
November Internet access affordability in the Pacific Islands – November 2012 update
September The role of payphones in a mobile world
August 2012 Internet access affordability in the Pacific Islands
July Mobile data offloading: dealing with the mobile data traffic boom
May Landmark Australian case creates uncertainty for cloud based services
April 2012 Pacific Island mobile market update
December Convergence: regulating a “unified communications” market in New Zealand
April 2011 Pacific Island mobile market update
March Hydro-trenching, or would you like broadband with your waste water collection?
January Mobile prepaid rates: New Zealand for SMS, Australia for voice
December The “iPod tax”: putting a price on piracy
September 2010 Pacific Island mobile market update
August LTE: when will it arrive in New Zealand?
July Mobile broadband: why isn’t New Zealand doing better?
December The business plan for fibre: stacking up the building blocks
October Open for all: designing successful open access ultra-fast broadband networks
October The cost of telecoms regulation: is it too much to pay?
August Pacific Island mobile phone market update
June IPTV success: spotlight on the stars
March Internet access in the Pacific: what can users afford?
February Will VDSL2 be enough for an ultra fast broadband network?
February Progress of competition in Pacific Islands mobile phone markets
December Micro-trenching: can it cut the cost of fibre to the home?
November Fibre to the home: who’s doing it, how and why?
October Bang for buck: what you can get for your broadband dollar
July I wanna be your friend: mobile prepaid and the rise of nominated numbers
May The decline of fixed lines: implications for universal service
April The US 700MHz auction: truckloads of cash, butů
February Privacy in an Information Society: issues from the Facebook experience
February Capturing network externalities: should a surcharge apply?
January Next stop – sub-loop unbundling
December Growing the ICT industry: can New Zealand be the new Ireland?
November Shall we regulate together? Insights on the workings of a multi-national telecoms regulatory mechanism
November Halting the ARPU slide: strategies for growing mobile voice revenues
May NGNs: what regulatory challenges lie ahead?
April A new Olympic sport? The OECD broadband rankings
March Australian prepaid customers still get a better deal than New Zealanders, with the gap widening
March WiMAX vs DSL: examining the case for triple play
February The secrets of porting success: experiences in MNP
October Setting the record straight: Network Strategies’ advice on closing the NZ broadband gap
August The New Zealand Telecommunications Stocktake: key broadband issues
April NGNs and the future of regulated voice services
February Australian prepaid customers get a better deal than their Kiwi cousins
January Why is New Zealand doing so badly in the OECD broadband penetration rankings?
December Regulation in a convergent future: numbering and number portability
December Driving broadband growth: the role of government in content provision


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