Economic development

Through our active role in programmes seeking to encourage economic development in rural areas and in developing nations, we have deep experience in designing and implementing policies and strategies for improving consumer welfare and economic growth.

Leveraging broadband for economic development

We advised the United Nations on broadband investment requirements in developing countries, with a case study on Vanuatu examining the relatively low service availability and uptake which impedes potential socio-economic gains from modern ICT infrastructure.

Supporting inclusive growth and poverty reduction

In a study for the Asian Development Bank, in conjunction with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), we identified ICT interventions expected to have a tangible impact on inclusive growth and poverty reduction in the Pacific region. The project involved substantial stakeholder liaison with representatives of Government and SMEs across many Pacific islands.

Developing digital strategies

On behalf of the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat (PIFS), we assessed the impact of the Pacific Regional Digital Strategy, and prepared  recommendations for Digital Strategy II.

Devising action plans for regional development

In the Northern Territory, the most remote region of Australia, we reviewed infrastructure and funding requirements and consulted extensively with local consumer groups and industry players.

Encouraging infrastructure rollout in developing countries

Funded by the World Bank, we created a mechanism for awarding subsidy payments to operators for increases in fixed and mobile rural infrastructure in Sri Lanka, defining measures of connectivity to assess operator performance and a multi-year payment formula to distribute funds collected via a Government levy.

Regional survey on ICT readiness

We conducted a regional survey for the Pacific Islands Regulatory Resource Centre (PIRRC), with ADB funding. The survey assessed service pricing, quality and availability, the level of competition and ICT readiness in Pacific island national markets and regionally.